YCC hosts German work experience visit

The 10 German Apprentices pictured with the Project Lead, Wendy Swaby (far right)

Yorkshire Coast College (YCC) is playing host to a group of 10 German Apprentices, who are staying there as part of a work experience project. This project is organised by Junge Werkstatt-bbw Hamburg GmbH, an organisation which offers training programmes in different sectors and trade for young adults.

The Apprentices, who are all based in Hamburg, have been training over the past two-three years in a diverse range of trades, such as Hospitality and Catering, Carpentry, Painting, Office Work, Electrician, Warehouse Work, Landscape Gardening, Electrician Metal Fabrication, and Care for the Elderly.

This specific project at YCC is the perfect opportunity for the Apprentices to gain four weeks of valuable work experience, working for a business in Scarborough. They are also able to improve their command of the English language through regular classes at YCC.

Fabienne Bailey, Business Manager at YCC, explains: “This is a fantastic opportunity for young German students to work in England, not only to develop their English language skills but also to increase their employability and confidence at work.

“We have a well-established relationship now with Junge Werkstaff-bbw and we are already planning a reciprocal trip for our learners to visit Germany and work with employers in and around Hamburg.”

The Apprentices will also visit local attractions, allowing them to broaden their cultural knowledge, in addition to enhancing their employability and social skills.

This is the seventh year that the project is taking place, ensuring that more and more young people are able to develop their potential, both in terms of a social context and employability, whilst being able to discover more of Europe. Some of the local businesses that have been hosting the Apprentices include:

  • Crown Spa Hotel
  • George Edward Smart Homes
  • Golden Grid
  • Boyes Store
  • Scarborough County Council
  • RR Engineering
  • Yorkshire
  • Tricolos
  • Manor House Nurseries
  • Yorkshire Coast Homes