UCG student shows off project for GTFC stadium design

BA Design student, Jay Navas, made headlines recently when he came up with a concept design for the new Grimsby Town Football Club (GTFC) stadium as part of a project he was working on.

Jay explained:  “I originally wanted to study motion graphics but then I got more into 3D design. It can be quite difficult to explain to someone what you are thinking but Design gives you an insight into a way of bringing to life the ideas that come out of your head.”

Jay had been following the story of the plans to move the GTFC stadium from it’s current home at Blundell Park to a new site and was inspired by the club’s logo, which incorporates three fish, to come up with a design for a new stadium. Jay continued:

“One day I was looking at the logo and it just clicked they could be used as a support. I started moving them around in 3D to see what symmetry I could come up with and that’s how I came up with the stadium.”

“I very much enjoy the course. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do when I finish but I really enjoy films so that might be an area I could think about going into.”

Jay’s design has even been commended by GTFC Manager, John Fenty, who has even invited Jay down to the site if he needs any more information to complete his concept design for his project.