The Academy Grimsby students turn CSI

Students at The Academy Grimsby turned forensic detective to find out all about the world of Forensic Science when Sherlock Bone, a company specialising in Science-based workshops, spent two days working with students reconstructing human faces from real life skulls.

Sherlock Bone was founded in 2007 and aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of Forensic Science through hands-on workshops.

Jade Barber, a former Forensic Technician who now runs workshops for Sherlock Bone, said: “Sherlock Bone looks at Forensic Anthropology from the point of Osteology and Archeology and we go into different schools and look at the area of a Forensics and anything involved in that area. There’s a whole world of Science we can look into and we tailor workshops to accommodate everyone.

“At The Academy Grimsby we’ve been looking at facial reconstruction; from the basics of using it as a form of identification to how it is one of the last ports of call if we’ve exhausted all other forms of identification like DNA, photographs and fingerprints.

The workshops included:

  • Identification of the Human Skull
  • Facial Reconstruction Case Studies
  • 2D Facial Reconstruction
  • 3D Facial Reconstruction

“We are looking at a simple 2D method whereby the students are recreating a face from a photograph of a skull and then we are looking at 3D facial reconstruction, getting the students to build up muscles, fatty tissues and skin and looking at the natural variation and creativity of the students.

“This is a great way of the student finding out about muscle mass and the anatomy of the face so they can understand what creates the human face. They will also see how subjective the process is and what we can do to identify someone before we get to this stage.”

The Academy Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire’s new school with Year 10 entry that specialises in the delivery of vocational qualifications in Health Care, Engineering and Creative, Digital & Games alongside traditional GCSE qualifications, offering education and training in the fastest growing industries in our region.

Paul Thundercliffe, Head Teacher of The Academy Grimsby, said: “The Academy Grimsby is focused on providing a quality education that engages and enthuses students. This exciting project gave our students an insight into a fascinating subject whilst enhancing their understanding within Science.

“We want to stimulate learning, allow our students to grow and develop their critical thinking skills; this experience will do that and we have many more plans for similar projects in the future.”

One of the students, 14-year-old Olivia Davies, is studying Health & Social Care alongside her GCSEs, and took part in the Science based workshops. Olivia said: “We started by making 2D drawings of what we wanted the skulls to look like and then Jade guided us step-by-step to mould the skulls into the faces. I’ve really the enjoyed the practical side of it.”

“I love being at the Academy as the teachers and staff take time to get to know you personally. I really enjoy the Health and Social Care work we do and I’m looking forward to going on work experience now.”