TAG students visit LRAC

Students at The Academy Grimsby recently spent a day at Lincolnshire Rural Activities Centre (LRAC), a centre offering experiences in land based subjects.

From building their biceps carrying hay bails, to carefully crafting dens for the animal residents, a pleasurable afternoon was had by all. Whilst at first some students turned up their nose at the thought of mucking out a stable, others thrived at the opportunity to work with their classmates and were grateful to find that many hands make light work.

Dylan Goodwin, a Year 10 student at the Academy, explained: “I was scared at first but then I combed a horse and even picked its hooves! Overall it was a really fun day.”

As some students ventured out further and explored a house made only of mud and straw. Shoshana Wood described it as an entertaining experience: “I really enjoyed making dens and habitats for the animals, it was entertaining and something different.”

What seemed to be the highlight of the day for many students was meeting LRAC’s main attraction, its horses. The students at the Academy gave the horses superstar treatment when they tenderly picked their hooves and affectionately brushed their tails.

Neve Kerrigan echoed the voice of the students’ enthusiasm when she said: “The horses were friendly and I really enjoyed the day.”

The full range of activities the students took part in included:

  • Mucking out stables
  • Grooming the horses
  • Weighing hay bails
  • Exploring a house made of mud and straw
  • Collecting sticks and building dens for animals
  • Visiting a limestone quarry from the war

After such a successful day, the students are excited to be visiting more places in the future and working alongside even more devoted staff, similar to those at LRAC.