TAG students benefit from Boxing sessions

Students at The Academy Grimsby have been taking part in boxing sessions as part of their Physical Education lessons. Focusing on the discipline needed in the sport, plus the important skills of teamwork and interaction, students have gradually built up their confidence and ability.

Andy Cox, Boxing Academy Coach at the Grimsby Institute, was full of praise for the students. Andy said: “It was a slow start as they struggled with the competencies required. Slowly, they got better, more disciplined and began to enjoy it.”

Students who benefitted included Euan McKenzie who was impressed with the facilities, saying “I didn’t even know you could do boxing out of school in Grimsby, I’ll be considering it now.” Clare Densham was also impressed: “It was different, I enjoyed it and saw a change in my fitness levels.”

Head Teacher, Paul Thundercliffe, was delighted with the sessions and has seen a direct improvement in the classroom: “The students have been more confident, more aware of each other and appreciative of the various different skills we are giving them. School and education should be a mixture of experiences to get the very best out of each learner. The improvement since I started in January is magnificent.”

Andy Cox was just as impressed: “The last session I delivered was at the Boxing Academy and the way in which the students applied themselves was a credit to all that has been working with them over the past few weeks. The students approach and attitude has seen a massive improvement in not only their development but in their application too. It was very rewarding to see how far the student have come in such a very small period of time.”