Stacie Collins rocks out at Grimsby School of Art

Stacie Collins rocking out in Grimsby School of Art

US rock and roll band, Stacie Collins, recently returned to the Grimsby Institute as part of their European Tour ahead of a gig at Grimsby’s infamous Yardbirds Club before flying off to dates in Belgium, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

Stacie Collins is an irrepressible rock chick front woman who fronts her band and is described as a ‘Harmonica blowin’ hell-cat blazing a trail travelled by few women’ and by Classic Rock Magazine as ‘Proof of a lady excelling in a man’s world’.

Stacie last visited the Grimsby Institute in 2013 and the Grimsby Institute welcomed the band to Grimsby School of Art at Nuns Corner for an exclusive workshop where they talked candidly about their experiences in the music business and performing a set of their material.

During their gig at The Yardbirds Club the band was supported by The Ocean Hounds – which features Grimsby School of Art Music Academy Tutor, Stephen Orient. Stacie said: “This isn’t something I do everyday so it’s great to share some of my experiences with some of the young people who are interested. Depending on whether they want to be a touring artist, a recording artist or a star I would say don’t give up, believe in yourself and surround yourself with great people, that’s what I did.

“We’re in the seventh week of an eight week European Tour and we’re going to be performing at the Yardbirds with the awesome rock and roll band, The Ocean Hounds. Last time we were here we had some awesome Indian food and I remember being called out of our hotel at 3am for a fire alarm.

“When were touring we don’t get much chance to take in the places I see. I have been around the world but we don’t get to see a lot except from the bus window. But sometimes we manage to fit in fun.

“When I first started, a long time ago, you almost had to wait for someone to give you permission to pursue your music but then things have changed along the way and now anybody can make music and distribute it, which is cool.”

Three of the learners who took part in the workshop, Zoe-Ella Dawson, Sharna-Louise Jenney & Christina Hanslow, all studying Year 2 of BA (Hons) Creative Music, were impressed with how open and honest Stacie and the band were when answering the questions, saying:

“It made you feel inspired and feel that you would be able to achieve what they had achieved. Her personal stories about moving to Nashville with just $50 and asking to open for bands was inspirational.

“The whole band talked about their influences and their journeys, we got a lot of practical advice as well as inspiration from the performance and Q&A session.”

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