Samantha Lyann – Professional Make-up Artist

Samantha Lyann with her model Alexandra Parker

Levels 2 & 3 Hair & Media Make-up learners at the Grimsby Institute were recently lucky enough to take part in a make-up demonstration with former learner, Samantha Lyann, who spent the afternoon transforming a model with a hair and make-up demonstration.

Samantha Lyann is a well-known, internationally published Freelance Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist working within the Fashion, Editorial, Wedding, Entertainment and Music industries. Samantha has been very successful with her career so far and is now emerging as one of the bright stars of the Fashion industry, where she has been published in top UK and overseas magazines and ad campaigns.

Samantha said: “I’m a past student of the Grimsby Institute and I studied Fashion & Photographic Make-up, Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing up to Level 3. When I’d finished I went on tour with a record company working with bands and artists and I started to get my name out there. Day to day I spend my time travelling and on photo-shoots for Fashion and Music Industries.

“I’ve been showing the students how to go through the steps in creating an editorial look. The Hair & Media Make-up course wasn’t running here when I was a student but if it was I’d have probably done it.”

Lucy Aldridge, currently training in Level 3 Hair & Media Make-up, said: “This has given us a vision into the outside world, how we can progress and what jobs we can get into. It also shows us how what we are doing at the moment teaches us something for the future.”

Callum Wetton, who is currently training at Level 2, wants to continue in Level 3 Hair & Media Make-up and also train in Hairdressing, added: “I studied Business at school and would like to do the make-up for bands when I finish my education, then hopefully I’ll set up my own branches of businesses across the UK. This has been an inspiration for my future career.”