Rotary Club turn Dragon’s at the Grimsby Institute

Grimsby Institute’s Learner Mentors recently offered learners the chance to compete in a Dragon’s Den style competition, sponsored by The Rotary Club of Cleethorpes, that saw 17 teams of aspiring business people pitching their ideas to staff, learners and members of the Rotary Club.

The teams were tasked with creating a product that they then had to try and ‘sell’ to passers-by in the Institute’s Main Reception who voted for their favourite product.

Jeff Lynn, President of Cleethorpes Rotary Club, said: “I was particularly impressed by a lot of the products that we have seen today. We work very closely with the Institute, who are also corporate members of the Rotary, and we’re supporting this because we like to give something back whenever we can.

Rolf Sperr, Secretary for the Rotary Club, added: “The technology that the young people are using is incredible and we can all learn something from them. Education is one of the top priorities of the Rotary so the Dragon’s Den competition seemed like an obvious event for us to support.”

Team LED were crowned the winners, winning a £50 Freshney Place voucher and a special trophy that will be displayed in the Institute’s Main Reception. Team LED members; Rebecca Murphy, Peter Tidswell, Hannah Ardron and Joshua Clemetson, came up with the idea of a tracking device fitted with LED lights, the LED Illumi.

Joshua, who moved to the UK from Texas, USA, only five months ago, explained: “We wanted to create a tracker that was small enough to not be obvious. It has three attachments; magnetic, adhesive or a key ring. Based on surveys we did we found out that house keys are one of the most frequently lost items.

“You can attach the device to your set of keys and if you lose them you download an app to your phone. This will let you turn on the device and find it. There is also a unique twist to it because we wanted target the device of parents with small children.

“The reality is that children can wander off. You simply attach the LED Illumi to your child’s bag or favourite toy and that will allow you to have some peace of mind. You can also programme the tracker to alert you if they go into an area where you don’t want them to go into.”

“We’re hoping to have a product up-and-running for our own Computing Expo next month. It feels brilliant for us to have won the competition.”