New technologies explored at Microsoft Roadshow

Staff at Grimsby Institute have discovered new ways of enhancing teaching and learning following a successful Microsoft roadshow.

The Microsoft UK Education Roadshow, which visited the Nuns Corner campus on Thursday, opened the door on an array of new products such as Office 365 and Windows 10.

Youngsters from Healing Primary School were also invited to the Institute to take part in a hands-on workshop using Paint 3D, which comes with the new Windows 10 update.

After creating their own emojis, students brought them to life with Mixed Reality, using Surface Pro 4 devices.

Microsoft Learning Consultant Kristy Hill, who was joined by colleague Alan Crawford at the event, said: “The aim of the Roadshow series is to come to new places and host for people who haven’t used Microsoft technologies before.

“They can get an overarching view of how products such as Office 365 and Windows 10 can be used in education.

“We take them through different apps and show how it can be used in the classroom.

“We also offer Microsoft Educator Community, a free site which supports all our techonologies. We direct people towards that so they can see it in action.”

Describing the primary workshop as a “wow moment”, Kristy added: “They’ve loved it. We’ve done this a couple of times and while these are probably the youngest students, it shows how adaptable they are.

“When they show what they’re capable of it’s a real ‘wow’ moment for us.

“The biggest thing we find is that nobody knows this is available, and it’s free. It’s about spreading the word about all these great things we can use in education.”

Grimsby Institute Learning Technologist Elaine Topham, who helped bring the roadshow to North East Lincolnshire, said: “It was such a fantastic day.

“It was great to see so many staff members there, as well as our external guests.

“Hopefully everyone found the experience useful, and this is the start of a really nice working partnership with Microsoft.”