Music learners rock up a storm

Grimsby Institute Music learners from across all Levels held their final music performance at the Grimsby School of Art showcasing their talents to a number of schools attending their gig.

Level 2 Music learner and Pianist, Kate Cheung, is part of the band Abandoned, she said: ” After leaving Humberston Academy I knew I wanted to study music. The music course and facilities here are really good. I’ve been playing the piano since I was seven but I’m still a little nervous and excited about performing with the band.

“I’m going to be studying the Level 3 next and then I want to go on to University to study music and hopefully one day work as a Music Producer.”

Andy Downes, Programme Leader, also commented:” The gig today is the culmination of their hard work this year and is part of their final assessment. It’s really important for them to get real life experience and perform in front of an audience.”