Music and Media learners collaborate on The Beat

Make sure you check out the pilot for a brand new music show, The Beat, which has been created by Level 3 Creative Media Production learners through collaborating with Level 3 Music learners.

Tom Hughes, Course Tutor for Level 3 TV and Film, explained: “The TV & Film learners have made a pilot for a music show called The Beat. The idea is for there to be a studio element, where the band is interviewed in a studio, alongside a pre-recorded performance element.

“The learners have recorded the band performing and that will then be played into the studio during the interview. The aim is for this to be broadcast standard so it can then be pitched to Estuary TV.”

Stephen Orient, Programme Leader for Level 3 Rock School, said: “This a collaboration of Media and Music learners that is meeting each others needs. We need to be recording live bands and this a real project that reflects industry. It’s not all glamorous, there’s a lot of waiting around and they are getting all that experience as well as the playing and recording.”

Tom added: “It’s real. When these guys are working professionally they need to know what it’s like working with real performers and this is giving them that experience.” You can watch the pilot episode of The Beat by clicking here