Media learners visit Liverpool to work on Sound City Music Festival

Media learners, music festival, work experience
Grimsby Institute Media learners reporting from the Sound City Music Festival, Liverpool

Level 3 Media learners from the Grimsby Institute recently experienced a unique opportunity, travelling to Liverpool to gain hands on work experience at the Sound City Music Festival.

Rob Ayling, Managing Director of Gonzo Multimedia (UK) Ltd, contacted the college and came in to meet learners to find out about their skills and ability and was impressed by what they could offer, securing them work placements at the event.

Rob said:  “I was very impressed by the learners from Grimsby Institute, by both their professional attitude and how they rolled up their sleeves, jumped fearlessly right into our project.

“What they managed to produce over the course of the (Sound City) festival was of a high standard. Their work was commented on very positively by other members of the team and the management alike.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to work with these learners again and I would definitely recommend them to any future employers. I am looking forward to working with Tom Hughes and the Grimsby Institute on some projects in the future”.

Tom Hughes, Media Curriculum Manager said: “I was working with the learners on the Saturday and I visibly saw them transition from nervous, anxious students in to hard working, valued members of the production crew.

“The team were based backstage in a cabin where all the editing took place, and the camera crew had ‘access all areas’ passes to roam the festival to gather as much content for broadcast and social media as they possibly could.

“The learners found the experience extremely rewarding and the buzz of being backstage at a festival was certainly noticeable as they mingled with fans and bands alike.”

The learners got to experience job roles including camera operator, editor and even went in front of the camera interviewing bands and members of the public. The work experience gave learners a unique insight into the media and music industry and for some it only cemented their desire to pursue a career in the creative industry.

Connor Francis, TV, Film and Media learner’s duties included filming, making video tape (VT) packages and interviewing bands. Talking of his experience, Conner said “I enjoyed working with lots of pressure and to a deadline, you don’t get to do that in college, you can’t replicate that professional edge, so that was definitely valuable.”

Ben Kirman, Level 3 Creative Media learner, worked as an editor at the festival. Once all the footage was shot it was sent to Ben who had to put it together into VT packages on a tight timescale.

Ben felt he learned a lot of skills he wouldn’t have necessarily learnt in the classroom and said: “It was different to what we do every day at college, we had to hit deadlines and there was no leniency.

“The experience has really set in my mind now that this is what I want to do as a career.”