LRC learner makes lasting memory for Holocaust Memorial Day 2015

Level 2 Site Carpentry learner, Patricia Arliss, has created a lasting memorial at Lincolnshire Regional College in commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day 2015.

The new flowerbed, created in the shape of a large candle, was built by Patricia and Level 1 Carpentry and Joinery learners.

Patricia explained: “I wanted to be involved in the 70th Anniversary of the Holocaust because I have met people that have experienced this. When I was at school I went for a visit to the Holocaust Education Centre in London. While I was there I heard a talk from Alice Herz-Sommer and she spoke about her ordeal and how her love and passion for music had kept her alive.

“What happened makes me angry because over 11million, including the Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Polish and other people were discriminated against and killed. I feel it was so morally wrong that this went on and it hasn’t stopped.

“I created a candle out of wood within my practical lessons and I felt it was important to put my own mark on the candle. I was encouraged to make the candle by the Learning & Progression Mentors and the Level 1 learners were involved in making the base. This activity has made us all aware of the Holocaust Memorial and has made us think about those who suffered and died and those who survived.”