Local Tea Room gives thumbs up for Apprenticeships


Popular Keelby-based Tea Room, Lilly’s Tea Room, recently decided to put seventeen-year-old member of staff, Danielle Cook, through an Apprenticeship with the Grimsby Institute as they look at expanding and offering bed and breakfast and even cookery and craftworks.

Sue Hodds, the owner of Lilly’s Tea Room, opened the business four years ago in Laceby which has now moved to larger premises in Keelby. Sue explained how Danielle, a former pupil at Caistor Yarborough School, currently works in the kitchen and waitressing. Sue said:

“Danielle started working for me part-time and that gradually built up to more hours. I suggested that she should consider getting some qualifications and she started looking around at different Apprenticeships and she contacted the Institute to see what they were offering. I was keen to use the Institute because I trained there as a Chef. This gives her a qualification while working in the kitchen and getting on-the-job training.”

Sue hopes that Danielle will soon be running the kitchen herself – she is already doing the ordering and deciding what specials will be on the menu. Sue continued: “Danielle will also be running her own Pudding Club in the coming months – whatever I ask her to do she is always enthusiastic about it.”

“I’ve got a lot of people working for me who’ve all got different skills, who haven’t necessarily got qualifications. Having an Apprentice keeps us up-to-date with new things. It’s a while since I trained and I’m a bit outdated but Danielle has passed things back that she has learnt.”

Danielle, who has recently been learning about food hygiene, temperature, what the rights of Chefs are and different skills like filleting chicken and fish, said: “If I hadn’t gone to the Grimsby Institute I don’t think I would have been able to do any of this. One day I’d like to move to Australia, I’ve got family out there, and open my own tea room there. When I left school I didn’t think I’d be doing what I’m doing now. It’s easier to learn this way because you are not bomabarded with work and you can take it at your own pace.

“My assessments are done using Smart Assessor, which means I can keep in contact with my Assessor even when I’m not at the Institute, and it’s easy to see what work I’ve done and what work I’ve still got to do.”

Now Sue is looking at offering special cookery and craft classes in a new venture, Lilly’s Teach Room, where they will be offering children’s and adult classes in basic cookery, holding dinner parties, cake decorating, Indian cookery and cooking for men.

Garret Busby, Danielle’s Assessor from the Grimsby Institute, added: “Danielle continues to be an example of an outstanding Apprentice; her willingness to learn and develop, not only at her work place but at college, is excellent.

She has the ability to learn and develop new skills, techniques and methods in an unflappable and enthusiastic manner and is currently attaining near perfect grades in all forms of assessment. She is a credit to both Lilly’s and the Institute.