Local MP shows his support for State Registered Hairdressers

Austin Mitchell MP pictured with Hairdressing learners

Local MP, Austin Mitchell, recently spoke to Hairdressing learners about the importance of getting state registered once they have achieved their qualification, highlighting the importance of qualifications in the industry.

Hairdressers can become a State Registered Hairdresser/Barber or a Senior State Registered Hairdresser/Barber, through The Hairdressing Council, once they have achieved their Level 2 or Level 3 qualification respectively.

Austin said: “I think it’s important that all Hairdressers are registered with The Hairdressing Council, it’s a way of upgrading the standards in Hairdressing, and I would personally like to see registration become compulsory.

“Registration is the only way to raise standards, ensure better training and to make sure that people have some kind of redress if something goes wrong. “It’s a simple process, and if a Hairdresser is displaying their certificate, it’s a way of knowing they have been fully-trained and is an indication of quality. It’s been very nice speaking to the learners today”

For more information about State Registered Hairdressers and how to apply simply visit www.haircouncil.org.uk