Learners photos win for depicting learner life

Assistant Principal - Curriculum, Amanda Rudolph (left) and Assistant Principal - Curriciulum, Julie Moore (right) presenting Alex Raines with his voucher.

Learners from Brickwork and Photography have been commended by the Grimsby Institute’s Senior Management Team for their entries in the annual FE Week & Me Photography, with two learners chosen as Grimsby Institute winners for their creativity.

The FE Week and Me Photography Competition is run annually and learners across the UK are tasked with submitting a photograph they feel depicts life in the Further Education and skills sector.  The Grimsby Institute saw entries from Brickwork, Care, Hospitality and Photography learners and the Senior Management Team decided to award prizes to their favourite entries.

As a non-photography learner, Level 2 Brickwork learner, Alex Raines, was awarded £50 in Freshney Place vouchers for his clever interpretation of the theme. Alex said: “My photo symbolises the strengths that the construction industry has within Britain. In the photo the model is a tradesman, this shows that people who are building a better and brighter future through employing everyday people who are skilled in a specific trade.

“They are no different from you and me with the only difference being that they have different skills than others. As the angle is looking up at the tradesman this shows the responsibility and importance the tradesmen have to build a structure that will not crumble, and show the Britain’s traders are trained professionally.”

Level 3 Photography learner, Paulina Wolska, was awarded as the best entrant from a Photography learner and received a £50 Comley’s Cameras voucher to spend on camera equipment. Paulina said: “I chose the title of ‘Friends’ for my photo because I think that friendship is extremely important to young people and friends are part of their lives.

“In my photograph you can see two close friends playing guitar, the boy in the hat is teaching the girl to the left how to play guitar properly and this is all part of friendship – teach one another what you already know. In the background we can see bushes and trees that remind us about our beautlful nature and that we should treat it with respect.”

Highly Commended learners, Jordan Patel, Kyle Parr, Olivia Dent and Catherine Hall all received £10 Freshney Place vouchers.