Learners exhibit at Project Ice

Learners exhibit at Project Ice

Level 3 Art & Design learners from the Grimsby Institute are currently exhibiting an array of colourful artwork at Grimsby Minster as part of Project Ice, a project that has been set up to see the restoration of the Grimsby Ice Factory to its former glory.

Roy Horobin, Trustee for the Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust and Coordinator of Project Ice, explained: “Project Ice is all about trying to explore our heritage. We have done interviews with people who used to work at the Ice Factory in Grimsby and have done research in London. There is this other side that Grimsby Institute are involved with, which is engaging young people with this building, and that’s how this exhibition came about.”

Project Ice is a lottery-funded exhibition of new interpretations of Grimsby Ice Factory. Project Ice has been set up to capture the memories of people who worked at the Ice Factory and widen appreciation of the Ice Factory among young people. Grimsby Institute learners were tasked with taking old images of the Ice Factory and interpreting them in new and exciting ways. Jo Shaw, Specialist Coordinator for Arts & Media at the Grimsby Institute, said:

“This is a really great opportunity for our learners. A lot of them haven’t even heard of the Ice Factory so it’s fantastic for them to learn about old buildings within our town and the heritage of Grimsby itself. We were the biggest port in the country for fishing, this is a perfect way for our learners to find out what the Ice Factory was and what it can be again in the future.”

The exhibition is based at Grimsby Minster and is running from Thursday 3rd April to Saturday 5th April from 9.30am – 12.30pm (3pm on Saturday). For more information about the Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust or Project Ice, please visit www.ggift.co.uk