Lauren is going far thanks to the Grimsby Institute

As we celebrated National Apprenticeship Week, with this year’s theme ‘Get in, go far’ we thought we’d remind you how Apprenticeships can really help you go far in your chosen career.

National Apprenticeship Week is organised by the National Apprenticeship Service and is designed to celebrate Apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

Everyone knows that Apprenticeships are the exciting way to ‘earn while you learn’ and give you vocational, hands-on training in your chosen career. Did you know that Apprenticeships can form part of, or lead to, Higher Education and a long and successful career earning high wages?

One Apprentice making a name for herself in the Childcare industry is twenty-year-old, Lauren Brewitt, a Level 3 Teaching Assistant at Yarborough Academy, who trained for her Level 2 & 3 qualifications with the Grimsby Institute.

Lauren said: “I’d always wanted to work with children with disabilities. I used to go to Yarborough Academy when I was a child myself and while I was training in Childcare at the Grimsby Institute I volunteered at the school to see if I enjoyed it.

“I really enjoyed it and then I got introduced to the idea of doing an Apprenticeship. I was an Apprentice for three years and I enjoyed going to the Institute and being at work.

“I love coming to work and it so rewarding. I have my own groups now and it’s great to see them progressing. I think I’d like to work with children with Autism but I want to go to University and then decide which way to specialise.”

Mr Chris Jessup, the Head Teacher at Yarborough Academy, added: “Apprenticeships offer a bridge between education and the world of work and they give experience of work in a real life setting. Most of all they offer people opportunities, which as an employer, is something we are very keen to do.

“When I joined Yarborough Academy I thought Lauren was a regular member of staff, not an Apprentice. She demonstrated all the attributes you would expect from someone working in the post.

“Apprentices get to try out all the facets of a role and get experiences of working in a variety of ways and I’d definitely recommend them. One thing Apprentices can being to an organisation is new and fresh ideas and enthusiasm and that is something we certainly get from Lauren.”

Sharron Eskesen, Training and Development Officer for the Grimsby Institute Group, said: “Lauren has seen so much success because she wanted to do it, she is motivated and she received a lot of support, whether that was from the Institute, the Yarborough Academy or from her friends and family. All of those elements are important. If anyone is thinking of doing an Apprenticeship they should speak to Lauren about how much it has benefited her.”

Of course Apprenticeships are for everyone. No matter what your age, an Apprenticeship might be just the training you’re looking for to help you on the path to a new career.  If you have any questions regarding Apprenticeships please contact us by telephone; 0800 315 002, visit or email