It’s good to talk!

Grimsby Institute Group's, Joanne Gerrard, pictured handing over some of the donated phones to Mark Cadey-Gell, St Andrew's Hospice's Online Trading Manager

The Grimsby Institute has answered a call to support St Andrew’s Hospice. The charity has begun selling online, so the Institute donated almost 200 mobile phones and unused ink cartridges to start off the initiative.

Joanne Gerrard, a buyer for the Grimsby Institute Group’s purchasing team, said: “As part of the Purchasing Team’s strategic plan to reduce the Grimsby Institute Group’s general running costs we’ve recently renewed the mobile phone contracts for our staff mobile’s with a much cheaper provider.

“As part of the process we asked all of our staff to return any old mobile phones, receiving almost 200, and we were planning to trade them in through a ‘cash for phone’ company, but realised it would be a fantastic idea to donate them to our Principal’s Charity instead.

“St Andrew’s Hospice is an incredible charity and helps some many people in our local community.  We were more than happy to be able to support the Hospice again in this way and it’s nice to be able help out a charity that does so much for our community.”

Mark Cadey-Gell, the hospice’s online trading manager, was on hand to accept the donation, valued at hundreds of pounds.

He said: “We are so grateful to the Institute for its ongoing support. We are the organisation’s chosen charity, so we have a great relationship with the staff and students there.

“St Andrew’s used to trade online some time ago and it dropped off, but now we are back with force, to make sure we maximise the potential of our donations.

“You’ll find all sorts of quirky items for sale, from rare vinyl records and signed books to limited edition toys and teddy bears. There are many more unique items to come, too, so be sure to check in at least once a week.

“I get great satisfaction from seeing happy buyers, who are delighted to be supporting an independent hospice.

“We’re currently appealing for unwanted packaging; that’s everything from brown paper and bubblewrap to cardboard and boxes. Anything you can donate will reduce costs and increase the amount of funds available for patient care.”

To shop online with the hospice, visit and click on the online selling banner on the homepage.