IT demonstrate UKSkills success


Learners from Grimsby Institute’s Computing Department were recently joined by learners from Rotherham College, South Leicestershire College and Hull College as they took part in the UKSkills IT Regional Heats, held for the first time at Grimsby Institute.

UKSkills are skills-based competitions that are run across the UK as a forerunner to the international WorldSkills competitions. The competitions included Network Infrastructure, IT Software Solutions for Business and the IT Support Technician. Toby Bell, an IT Lecturer from Northumberland College, who are also an organising partner for UKSkills, said:

“These competitions, and others like them, are a very important part of the learning process for young people and employers really do value seeing this sort of experience on a CV. Taking part in UKSkills shows the dedication that these young people have towards the careers they want to do and all the competitors have done very well indeed.”

James Jackson, Curriculum Leader for Computing & Games Design at the Grimsby Institute, added: “When we go out into the world of work we have to be able to adapt to the situations we are presented with. Taking part in skills-based competitions like this is a fantastic way of young people testing their skills in a controlled environment and learning how to adapt to situations as they present themselves.”

Grimsby Institute’s Grzegorz Llnicki was awarded 1st Place for IT Software Solutions for Business. Simon Thow took part in the IT Support Technicians and Curtis Bloomfield in the IT Software Solutions for Business competitions, both achieving 2nd Place. We will find out later in the year if any of the learners have made the final at the Skills Show at Birmingham NEC in November.