Institute learners get ready to star on Danish TV

Ole Vigant Ryborg, a European Correspondent from Danish National Television’s DR, recently visited the Grimsby Institute to discover some of our student’s views on whether the UK should stay in the European Union, after choosing to visit our region because it has an unemployment rate in young people of 25%.

Ole was born in Denmark but now lives in Brussels, Belgium and has been working with the television company for 27 years. Ole interviewed Level 3 Fabrication and Welding students, asking them their thoughts on whether leaving the EU would make things difficult for them growing up.

Of course our students were all positive about what their futures hold. Ole said: “I am very surprised with the responses the students gave me. They said that they didn’t think pulling out of the EU would have an affect on their abilities to get a job in the future.”

Ole questioned students on whether they thought it was a good or bad idea for the UK to leave the EU and how they felt worldwide companies with branches in the UK would react if a decision was made for the UK to leave.

Ole also asked the students what their opinions were on employment in England, whether they thought this would impact the difficulty of young people finding a job in the future and if they were worried about their futures and getting a job when they have qualified.

Surprised by the results, Ole went on to say “I am very happy with how confident students are about getting a job after finishing their education. It is very good.”