Innovate e-learning hub launched at Grimsby Institute

Innovate e-learning hub launched

The Grimsby Institute has launched a brand new teaching, learning and assessment e-learning hub, Innovate, based at 114 Bargate, adjacent to the main campus.  Tutors and lecturers from across the Grimsby Institute Group are now being invited to try their hands at some of the latest educational technology and techniques.

Innovate provides a space for staff to become inspired to be creative and receive support to develop innovative teaching and learning. Innovate was the brainchild of Claire Bramley, Group Manager for Teaching, Learning and Assessment and Ross Anderson, Group Head of E-Learning, who have transformed a space in the building into a suite kitted with the latest technology.

Claire explained: “We wanted to provide a resource specifically for staff, delivered by staff, that could help us on our journey to becoming an outstanding organisation. We wanted somewhere that was away from the activity on the main site of Grimsby Institute and bring together different teams, like Teacher Education, the Teaching and Learning Coaches and Fellows to support staff in a cohesive way to progress to becoming outstanding.

We also wanted to ensure that we were supporting staff to develop their digital literacy skills. We have an expectation that staff will be engaging in innovative technologies to enhance their teaching and learning, so we needed to have resource available to support, guide and develop them in the ways technology can be used for educational purposes.

The Innovate Hub includes a range of the latest pcs and tablets, screen-casting equipment, lecture capturing technology and digital camera glasses that are available for lecturers and tutors to borrow.

Ross Anderson said: “There is a huge e-learning focus in teaching, learning and assessment at the Grimsby Institute. We have a broad range of equipment, screen-casting software to support blended and online learning, lecture capturing equipment so staff can film their lectures, still and HD video cameras alongside a variety of tablets as we support learners bringing in their own devices, and staff can practice how to use them here.

We also have digital camera glasses that are essentially glasses with cameras built into them, which are brilliant for e-assessments, digital Dictaphones that can record discussions, tutorials and podcasts and are ideal for when you’re on the go, livescribe pens that allow you to record what you write and say.

Claire Bramley added: “The focus is really going to be on developing the skills and competencies of our staff to enable them to use this technology to enhance their teaching and learning. We want to make sure that the focus of Innovate is that we have the resources available and that we are fully supporting the staff in learning how to use them.”

Innovate is now open and based at 114 Bargate from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (until 6pm on Thursdays). Any staff wanting more information on Innovate can email Claire Bramley at or Ross Anderson at