Grimsby Institute unveils Multi Use Games Area thanks to Sport England funding

Principal Sue Middlehurst officially opens the new Multi Use Games Area

The Grimsby Institute has unveiled their brand new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) for sport that has been partly funded by Sport England.

The new £610,000 MUGA, adjacent to the Grimsby Institute’s Sports Centre, was part-funded with £335,000 from the Sport England Improvement Fund and £275,000 funding from the Grimsby Institute Group.

Sport England is focused on helping people and communities across the country create a sporting habit for life and are planning on investing over £1 billion of National Lottery and Exchequer funding between 2012 and 2017 in organisations and projects.

Matthew Bloomer, Grimsby Institute’s Sports Maker, said: “I’d really like to say thank everyone who has supported this project from the very beginning, that includes; Rebecca Gray and Andrew Goudie from the Institute’s Projects Department, Drew Hughes from North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC), Sue Wells from Lincs Inspire, Mathew Thompson from Grimsby Hockey Club, Gary Sainty and Nick Hanson from NELC’s School’s Sport Partnership, and of course Sport England themselves.

“I remember watching my Dad playing Football on the College’s pitches when I was younger, and the place was really a hub for community sport. Now we have the chance to get that back with the new MUGA and Sports Centre.”

The MUGA can be used for a variety of different sports including; Football, Hockey, Netball and Tennis and is already being accessed by over 1100 users every week such as; Grimsby Institute learners from Sport and other areas who use it for enrichment activities, members of the Grimsby Institute’s Sports Academies, local schools including St Martin’s and St James’ Schools, local sports clubs and even members of Grimsby Institute staff for enrichment purposes.

Mark Hughes, Grimsby Institute’s Head of Sport, said: “The impact has been incredible already for the Grimsby Institute, local schools and the community. The numbers of people using the MUGA are mind-blowing and it’s still very early days.

“We’re eternally grateful to Sport England for the funding they have made towards this project and I am sure the MUGA is going to serve our community very well for many years to come.”