Grimsby Institute sets off for Cycle Challenge

Cycle Challenge

Staff and learners from the Grimsby Institute recently took part in the North East Lincolnshire Council’s Cycle Challenge (NELC), with one lucky learner winning their own bike.

Nick Fairfax, the North East Lincolnshire’s Cycle Challenge Manager, explained: “My role was to get out and talk to companies and organisations about taking part in the challenge and to encourage participation in the challenge, which is to cycle for just ten minutes between the 9th and 29th June.

“North East Lincolnshire Council was awarded funding by the local Sustainable Transport Fund to develop sustainable transport in the centre of Grimsby. Part of the funding has been used to promote cycling, with the primary aim on getting people cycling to work.”

The Cycle Challenge saw staff and learners invited to the Grimsby Institute’s car park to ride a host of fun and interesting bikes; including a Penny Farthing, a Tandem and the six-seater Mega Bike, with over 120 people taking part during the day. Susan Rowson, the Grimsby Institute’s Senior Administrator for the Estates Department, helped to organise the event at the Institute and was awarded a prize by NELC for being the second-place ‘Top Encourager’ in our region. Susan was presented with a camera by Councillor, David Watson.

Susan said: “I basically had to encourage learners to get involved in the event and I managed to get 123 learners to try one of the bikes. It’s really important because not only is it a part of Healthy Living, but it’s also part of sustainability, which is really important to everyone at the Institute.”

Seventeen-year-old Uniformed Public Services learner, Declan Finnegan, was presented with a brand new Giant bike for taking part in the challenge. “I’m really happy that I’ve won a bike, because I haven’t got one, and I will definitely be using it.”