Grimsby Institute proves why it’s De-Lovely for work experience

De-Lovely's newest employee, Frankie Tamplin (centre) pictured with Grimsby Institute Skills Practitioner, Sophia Farren (left) and owner of De-Lovely, Kate Smith (right)

Popular local Scartho-based Beauty Salon, De-Lovely, has recently joined the Grimsby Institute’s Business Professors scheme and owner, Kate Smith, has been praising the busy salons newest Therapist, Frankie Tamplin, who Kate originally met through a work experience placement.

Any business or individual can join the scheme, which is designed to demonstrate commitment to developing training and education to meet industry demand. As well as fitting corporate social responsibility agendas, it also provides businesses leaders and staff with corporate professional development and shows a dedication for giving back to our society.

Kate Smith, a former learner at the Grimsby Institute herself, is keen to forge stronger links between education and the Beauty Therapy industry to secure a workforce that is better prepared for the future of the industry. Kate said: “Unfortunately some people can be too busy to take on people for work experience but we all started somewhere so I have always been more than happy to give young people a chance. I love the Institute; I’ve spent many years on different Beauty Therapy courses there myself. I was really thrilled to be able to get involved and become a Business Professor.

“Out of all the girls that came to me on work experience there were two stand out ones, Frankie being one of them. She was so articulate, customer friendly and nothing is ever a problem for her. She does everything to the best of her ability.”

Frankie Tamplin, 19, is now a fully-qualified Level 3 Beauty Therapist, added: “I started working at De-Lovely in June. The work experience gives you a bit more of an insight into what the real world is all about. It’s such an enjoyable job, it’s sociable and you meet so many nice people.

“Going to the Institute gave me all the basic skills I needed and the confidence. The work experience gets you out into the industry and makes you realise what it’s all about and gives you opportunitites to go out and see just what careers there are out there. It is a lot of hard work but it is very rewarding.”

The work experience was arranged by Specialist Coordinator for Beauty at the Grimsby Institute, Sophia Farren, Sophia explained why it was an important part of learning:

“Sometimes a learner can have an image of what an industry is about. When they go out on work experience they get to see that industry for what it really is; see how busy it is and the highs and the lows of what it really means to work in that sector. Sometimes a learner may be decide that isn’t what they were expecting, so we can guide them in making an alternative choice, for example into Complementary Therapy.”

Kate added: “It’s a shame that more companies don’t give young people the chance in a work experience role. As a future prospective employer of learner it can be a fantastic way of finding someone who fits is very well with your business.”

For more information about the Grimsby Institute’s Business Professors Scheme, or if you are interested in signing up and finding out more about work experience, simply visit