Grimsby Institute learners prepare for Fame!

Years 1 and 2 from Level 3 Performing Arts learners have taken to the stage for their annual musical, bringing the bright lights of Broadway and a modern twist on the ‘be careful what you wish for’ theme as they performed the musical classic Fame.

Originally a 1980 film directed by Alan Parker, and latterly a beloved TV series, the musical brings the story up-to-date with new music and lyrics, as we follow the stories of a group of students as they start their training at the infamous New York Academy for the Performing Arts.

 We follow the students as they learn that a career in the Arts is ‘Hard work’ and soon, maybe all to abruptly, harshly come to understand how achieving their dreams may not be as glamorous as they had first hoped.

Fame has lots of stories to tell; from the on-off friendship between former child star Nick and wannabee serious actress, Serena, strongly played by Bailey Ford and Chantelle Doyle, with Chantelle’s voice soaring during her solo ‘Let’s play a love scene’ being one of the show’s highlights.

The comedic talent of Joe was excellently portrayed by Daniel Lucking and Luke Mitchell, as bad boy dancer Tyrone Jackson, managed to give an honest and sympathetic performance while busting the moves that makes the character so easily remembered.

Everyone knows the title song ‘Fame’ and for the opening performance it was performed with gusto by Paige Kirk, as Carmen, the determined singer whose life strays when she makes the decision to pursue her dream career rather than continue at the Academy, with Paige’s rendition of ‘In LA’ a stark reminder of the brutalities of the business.

A special mention goes to Anya Smith as Miss Sherman, her stern portrayal of the English teacher slowly melting as her story unfolds, building to her climactic version of ‘These are my children’.

Under the direction of Angela Pearson, and with refreshingly original choreography from Stephanie Greenwood, the learners brought the story to life in a production that will be remembered for years to come.

The cast included:

  • Nick – Bailey Ford
  • Serena – Chnatelle Doyle
  • Carmen – Paige Kirk
  • Schlomo – James Swain
  • Tyrone – Luke Mitchell
  • Iris – Jasmine Mennell
  • Miss Sherman – Anya Smith
  • Mr Myers – Kai Wood
  • Miss Bell – Jennifer Colebrook
  • Goody – Ellis Haywood
  • Lambchops – Julija Ramaunskaiste
  • Mabel – Megan Ashwell



  • Director – Angela Pearson
  • Choreographer – Stephanie Greenwood
  • Lighting – Nena Thornberry
  • Sound – Matt Cade