German Teachers impressed by vocational provision in Grimsby

A group of Teachers from Saxony-Anhalt in Germany, recently toured The Academy Grimsby and the Grimsby Institute as part of a visit to Scarborough International School of English, where the group were taking time to refresh their English and visit education providers in the North East.

The group were invited to view the Grimsby Institute Group’s campuses by Scarborough International School of English’s Academic Director, John Mckenzie, and Business Manager, Julie Monsalve. Julie said: “We are keen for them to visit the Academy as it is such a new concept in UK education for students aged 14+ years.”

Touring the facilities at The Academy Grimsby and the TV studios used by Estuary TV at the Grimnsby Institute and University Centre Grimsby, the group were impressed at the vocationally based provision.

Uta Preuss, a Teacher at a Secondary School in Saxony-Anhalt, said: “I like the Academy because the class sizes are very small. The students in my school get to go on work experience but they do not have facilities like here at the Academy. It is right that we are educating students in a way so that they can be ready for the future.”