Former learner talks about his career in Renewables Industry

A former learner from the Grimsby Institute now working as a Junior Offshore Engineer for Renewable Energy Systems (RES), Mike Smith, recently visited the Grimsby Institute to talk to businesses in the Humber Region about his career during a Bondholders event.

The Bondholder Scheme is a network of 250 businesses, who work together to raise the profile of the Humber Region with the ultimate goal of promoting the region to create jobs and wealth to demonstrate what the Humber can offer not only the UK, but the rest of the world. Mike, 24, has worked for RES for over four years after completing a Level 3 Electrical and Electronics course at the Grimsby Institute and applying for a position as a Data Technician position.

Mike didn’t expect to get the get the job but was offered an Apprenticeship with the company instead. Mike said: “RES offered me a four-year Apprenticeship and I’ve spent my time between the company and Lincoln University where I am studying for a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I work all over the UK including in the North Sea, the Irish Sea and Newcastle.

“Predominantly we’re working on the maintenance of meteorological masts, which go in before a wind farm, to gather data and decide whether or not it is viable to build a farm on a site.”

Mike went on to explain how the Renewables Industry is going to see a major growth in our region in the coming years: “I got a lucky break and didn’t expect to be this successful. If I hadn’t been on the course at the Grimsby Institute then I never would have got past the interview stage with RES. The course gave me an oversight of the industry and is now helping me with my degree.

“There are going to be lots of jobs available in the region, even if it’s not directly in renewables, for example there will need to be plenty of places for Engineers to eat and stay, so lots of different industries are going to see the benefit. Once I’ve completed my degree I’d like to become a Project Manager so I can run projects and work my way up the ladder.”