Former Hairdressing learner living the Disney dream

Debbie Martin pictured on a return visit to the Grimsby Institute recently

A former Hairdressing learner of the Grimsby Institute has seen career success working at Disneyland Paris as a team member responsible for some recreating some of Disney’s iconic characters.

36-year-old Deborah Martin enrolled at the Institute knowing that she wanted to one day turn her passion for Hairdressing into a career. Deborah explained:

“I’ve always had an interest in Hairdressing. When I was younger I always played with my Barbie’s hair and I was always doing everyone’s hair at school. I came to the Institute and studied for a Level 2 Hairdressing qualification and then decided to go travelling.”

While she was travelling Deborah undertook different jobs, including a Dancer and a Holiday Rep, and when she turned 24 she saw a job advertised as a Dancer at Disneyland Paris and successfully applied to work at the theme park.

After seven years of working as a Dancer, Deborah was ready for a career change and she embarked on a new career, using her training at the Grimsby Institute, as one of their team of Hairdressers responsible for the wigs of some of the world’s most beloved characters including Cinderella, Snow White and Frozen’s Anna & Elsa.

Deborah continued: “We wash, set and style of all the princes, princesses and other characters and then we help them apply make-up and get ready.   My job is basically doing everything I learnt in my two years of training at the Institute and training for the NVQ gave me the confidence to do my job well.

“I love my job, I love Hairdressing and I love the people I work with. I still find it very exciting every day. I live near to Disney and I’m married now with two children. I could never have done the job I have now without the training at the Institute, I think about it a lot and in some ways working at Disneyland reminds me of the time I spent training at the Institute.”