Football Academy members compete in final stages of ECF squad selection

Two Sport learners from the Grimsby Institute, David Birch and Eden Pedersen, recently made it through to the final stages of selection to take place in the Boys’ and Girls’ squad who will play for England Colleges Football.

 Eden, who plays for the Institute’s Girls’ Football Team, is currently studying Level 3 Sport and has been passionate about Football since she started playing when she was only four years old. Eden said: “I was quite shocked to get through to the final stages but it made me really happy.”

Gary Childs, Grimsby Institute’s Football Coordinator and Manager of the Girl’s Football Team, said: “It’s excellent for Eden and David to have been chosen because the learners who took part in the first stages of the trials were the ones we thought showed promise in representing us.

They will be up against 25-30 boys and girls who will be competing for around 20 places for each squad. It’s a big achievement for both of them, especially with Eden being a first year.”