Fine Art takes part in Anthony Gormley Installation

Staff and learners from the Grimsby School of Art were recently chosen to take part in the installation of 40,000 clay figurines as part of the Anthony Gormley installation ‘Field for the British Isles’ at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe.

Siobhan Irwin, Specialist Practitioner at the Grimsby School of Art, and BA Fine Art Practice students, Emily Conner and Wendy Ronaldson, were all chosen from hundreds of applicants to form part of the team of twenty that spent three and a half days days carefully placing the figurines throughout the exhibition space in 20-21, the converted former St John’s Church.

Siobhan explained: “We had to apply online and go for an interview and we all felt so lucky to have been chosen. To have a major British Artist exhibiting locally doesn’t happen very often and we got to work with the Arts Council Collection Team, which was really good. To be handling and installing a major piece of art was an incredible feeling.

“Although there was direction of how they wanted us to lay it out, the Arts Council wanted us to make it a field for Scunthorpe, something that was unique.”

Anthony Gormley is renowned for his impressive works that include The Angel of the North at Gateshead and Another Place, 100 life-sized cast iron figures, at Crosby Beach near Liverpool. Field for the British Isles features 40,000 miniature clay figures, that were sculpted over a week in 1993, by 100 pupils and their extended families from two primary schools in St Helens, Merseyside.

Fields for the British Isles will be exhibiting at 20-21 until 27th June. One of the students who took part in the installation, Emily Conner, is currently studying for the final year of the BA Fine Art Practice and is preparing to exhibit in the final Degree Show in June, Emily said:

“You think you’d get bored or it would get tedious laying the figures out for three and a half days but it didn’t at all. It really was an honour to be working with the Arts Council and they were keen for us to make it ‘our’ field. It was really exciting.”

Emily’s impressive printing work has now been shortlisted to be displayed in the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and is waiting to find out if her works have been selected.

For your chance to view some of the work be Emily, her fellow Fine Art Practice students, why not visit the Degree Show at the Grimsby School of Art from 6th and 8th-10th June from 10am-4pm.

Emily continued:  “Anyone interested in art should definitely come along to our Degree Show. There will be the chance to see a range of different techniques such as print making, painting and sculpting by 14 students. It’s a fantastic experience to be able to exhibit your work alongside your fellow students.”