Danfoss returns to help commission refrigeration units

The Grimsby Institute’s Refrigeration Department recently welcomed back the team from Danfoss to help commission the equipment they donated almost two years ago.

In July 2013 Danfoss donated a set of electronic refrigeration controls including a front end control panel to operate a set of refrigerated display cases and a compressor pack that are installed in the refrigeration section of the college.

The controls donated are typical of that used in supermarket refrigeration applications, giving learners an overview of the sort of refrigeration controls that are currently used within supermarkets across the world.

John Broughton, who is now the Global Wholesaler and Installer Application Manager for Danfoss, was originally an Engineering Apprentice at the Grimsby Institute, previously the Grimsby College, when he was 16. He then returned when he was 22 to study a full-time, two-year course in Refrigeration Building Services.

John said: “I have a personal interest because I started my working life at the Grimsby Institute but this is also a good way of Danfoss promoting our name & products out into industry to the Engineers of tomorrow. Our equipment is used within leading supermarkets throughout the word so this is the sort of equipment the learners could well be working on once they qualify.”

Lance Jordan, Danfoss’s Technical Manager, added: “We’ve returned to the Grimsby Institute to support the commissioning of the equipment that we first supplied in July 2013. The learners have been working to install the equipment since 2013 and we have now come back to commission the system and go through the operation of it with their Tutor.

“Working with this equipment gives them a true concept of what they will come across in supermarket and commercial. Rather than them being taught what a controller does they can get a feel for it before they meet it out in industry for themselves when they are on their own as an Engineer.”

Quentin Onyango, Refrigeration Tutor at the Grimsby Institute, has been working closely with the Danfoss team to ensure the equipment was installed to the required specifications by the learners.

Quentin said:  “Danfoss provided us with the equipment and the learners have structured the whole unit together, with guidance from the staff here and staff from Danfoss.

“We teach a national curriculum that is basically Refrigeration as a whole. When learners go out into industry this is exactly the kind of equipment they will face and they have to apply the knowledge. It’s a great thing that this gives them an enhanced career prospects. We are grateful to Danfoss for the equipment they have donated and the time they have spent with us.”