Computing learners win 2nd Place at Cyber Games 4.0

Learners from the Grimsby Institute were recently awarded for their code-breaking skills at Cyber Games 4.0, the annual Cyber Security Challenge UK Schools Challenge, supported by Raytheon, where teams from across the UK competed to crack codes and build a drone.

Level 3 Computing learners, Grzegorz Llnicki, Josh Ball, Curtis Bloomfield and Rhys Kirk joined teams from Cheltenham College, High School for Girls in Gloucester, St James Senior Girls School in Kensington, UTC Reading and Ysgol Maesydderwen in Wales for the final.

The competition started at Cheltenham Science Festival, where teams were tasked with a treasure hunt to find codes that, when correctly solved, would help them get an advantage for the competition later on when the teams moved to Cheltenham College.

At Cheltenham College the teams were given kits to build their own mini drones, an adaptation of a remote-controlled car, with additional wiring and lighting, as well as software to power and arm the device with denial of service attacks. Once all of the drones were built, with the help of some very clever engineers at Raytheon, the teams entered the battlefield.

The Grimsby Institute team were awarded 2nd Place   with Gloucester’s High School of Girls winning the top spot. Josh said: “Five teams from the Grimsby Institute placed in the top 8 of the competition but we couldn’t all go to the Final and we were lucky enough to be chosen.

“We had to go around the Festival and find the cards and then decode the ciphers on them. The more points we got meant that we had more time at the start of the race. I’ve never done anything like this before so it was fun and a really good experience.”