Computing hold Trade Show for Business Professors

Computing hold Trade Show for Business Professors

Computing students from the Grimsby Institute recently held a competition in the form of a mock trade show, where Business Professors were invited to judge and present to the winners in a special awards meal at the Institute’s Gallery Restaurant.

The students were tasked with developing a product that they could present at a mock trade show by their tutor, James Jackson and Curriculum Leader, Jemma Wright. James explained:

“We thought it would be a brilliant idea to give our students a live brief for which they had to research, design and pitch a new product to other learners, staff and the Institute’s Business Professors.

“All-in-all the learners have worked on these projects for about twelve weeks, but I have to say the results are outstanding, they have come up with some really innovative products that many inventors would be jealous of.”

The products designed by the students included;

  • Next Tech – A self-powered computer mouse
  • Young Tech – A glove that also works as an integrated keyboard
  • Edible Island – A product designed to make meal-times fun for children
  • BPM Gaming – Gaming watch • Reflect – ‘selfie-taking’ mirror
  • Red Hot – A heated computer mouse
  • Fusion ‘TouchLock’ – A touch operated locking system
  • Tech Lite – An access card system

The Grimsby Institute’s Business Professors were invited to judge each of the trade stands and were then asked to score each of the exhibits. A special meal was then held in the Gallery Restaurant for those who had taken part and the Business Professors were invited to reveal their findings. The winners were announced as; !st Place – Next Tech, 2nd Place – Reflect and 3rd Place – Edible Island.

Business Professor, Mike Martin, Director of Admar Support Services Limited, said: “We have been absolutely blown away by the amount of effort and the amount of research the students have put into this project and we were excited and encouraged by the work the students have done.

“There were some ingenious ideas and on behalf of all of the Business Professors I just want to say ‘keep it going’. As business owners we like passion and enthusiasm; that is what gets people jobs. If we can see a spark of enthusiasm, even if someone doesn’t have the knowledge and skills yet, we can teach them that, we can’t teach them to be passionate. Passion was something we all saw in the young people taking part in this project.”

Aaron Strickland, Curtis Bloomfield and Zann Dean formed team Next Tech, who came up with the idea of a mouse that generated its own power source through kinetic energy, Neo-mouse. Seventeen-year-old Curtis explained how the team came up with the idea.

Where I work we get a lot of wireless mice returned with people saying they don’t hold their charge. At the same time we got a delivery of watches that charged themselves as people move about. I suddenly thought ‘What if we can figure out a way of putting the technology from the watch into the mouse?

Twenty-seven-year-old Aaron, added: “Neo-mouse is powered by earth magnets which are located in a coil. The friction caused when someone uses the mouse generates the electricity. It was a surprise for us to win.”

Curtis continued: “We now hope to take Neo-mouse even further and are currently looking at costs to produce the mouse at a small level quantity. We then hope to go into the testing phase over the next month to check on feasibility of the product.”