Computing and Games Expo 2016

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Just some of the learner work displayed at the Computing and Games expo.

The end of year Computing and Games Expo took place at the Grimsby Institute recently. Learners from Levels 1-3 and degree students exhibited their exciting project work in the main hall.

Learners used the showcase expo to present a product idea that involved the use of current and future technology. They worked on all elements from research, business planning, design and marketing. The projects were then judged by industry partners and local businesses, which gave the learners genuine contact with employers, and offered valuable insight into current industry expectations, practices, and standards along with allowing them to build and showcase their communication skills.

Adam Phillips, Curriculum Manager Digital, Computing and Games, said: “Digital, Computing and Games Design learners have put in a great deal of work this year and they have showcased some of the projects they have worked on since September.


“The Expo plays a vital part for an individual to leave the institute and to further their career in industry and higher education; it offers work readiness and a chance to build a professional portfolio of work with industry involvement.”