Communities Together launch Standing Together

Local community group Communities Together are demonstrating their support for the Standing Together campaign which has been launched following the incidents in Paris and Sydney.

Communities Together, who are supported by the Grimsby Institute Group, is a local membership group seeking to raise multi-cultural awareness and understanding across North East Lincolnshire. Membership is open to any individual over the age of 18 or to any organisation committed to supporting and furthering the aims of Communities Together.

Marcus Czarnecki, Chair Elect of Communities Together, said: “The Standing Together is a campaign that has been inspired by Greater Manchester Police. Essentially it is about communities standing together against what has happened recently in Paris, the rise of Islamophobia and anti-Jewish sentiments.

“It is not just about minorities, anybody who has a concern about their life, their future, their childrens’ futures, peace in the world; it doesn’t matter where they are from or what community they represent, we should all stand together.

“We hope this will bring about a greater awareness of the need to stand together for the cause of piece, community safety and to show solidarity for those communities that are being targeted.”

Mel Christie, Neighbourhood Policing Team Inspector and Humberside Police’s Lead for Hate Crime in our region, added: “It’s very important with the diverse communities that we have in North East Lincolnshire that we stand together to tackle hate crime and the reporting of it.

“The launch exemplifies everything that we are trying to do, the overriding aim is that Humberside Police, along with police forces throughout Britain, stand together with communities and help them to tackle hate crime.”