Blimbu Games win Best Overall Game at Global Game Jam Grimsby

Blimbu Games have been announced as the overall winners of Global Game Jam Grimsby; the international record-breaking video game creation competition.

Global Game Jam returned to Grimsby after the successful launch of the competition in the region last year at University Centre Grimsby. Over the weekend teams from across the globe are tasked with creating their own video game in 48 hours as a community of Game Designers, Creatives, Programmers, Level Designers, 3D Modellers, 2D Pixel Painters, Artists, enthusiasts and like-minded gamers meet at locations all over the world.

A secret theme ‘ritual’ was unveiled during the opening event and the teams spent the weekend collaborating to create the best game. This year’s competition was judged by Mike Clarke, who has seen a long successful career in the gaming industry and got involved in Global Game Jam after meeting Graham Raddings, one of the event organisers in Grimsby, at a Kickstarter event. Mike explained why Global Game Jam is an important learning experience for young people.

Mike spent time with each of the teams, playing the games they had created and discussing the creative processes they had gone through over the weekend. Mike said: “There is only so much you can teach and one of the good things about Game Jam is that there is nobody telling them what to do and how to do it.

“Everyone thinks they know what it is to make a game. Letting someone have a deadline and saying ‘I don’t care how you do it I just want a game at the end of it’ that is possibly the closest thing you can do to actually running a game company; very explicit deadlines, design problems, scope problems and personality issues. Everything that would happen in a real game company is compressed into a 48 hour period and as a learning experience you can’t beat it.”

Blimbu Games were announced as the winners with their game ‘Sanctus’, repeating the success of last year’s competition. Mike continued: “We’ve chosen Blimbu Games as the overall winner because their development process was clearly the smoothest and they had a very clear idea about what their goal was. They have ended the competition with a fully working, complete game that was straightforward to play. Some of the things that have been achieved is very surprising in the amount of time they have had.”

Prizes were awarded in the following categories;

  • Best Effort – The Dragons
  • Best Visual Style – Night Survival
  • Best Audio – Devil’s Woods
  • Best Runner-up – Guild Games
  • Best Overall Game – Blimbu Games’ ‘Sanctus’