Apprentices go far at the Grimsby Institute

The Grimsby Institute is busy making National Apprenticeship Week the greatest ever. The theme for this year’s National Apprenticeship Week is ‘Get in, go far’, and we offer Apprenticeships that will really help you go far in your chosen career.

National Apprenticeship Week is organised by the National Apprenticeship Service and is designed to celebrate Apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

Everyone knows that Apprenticeships are the exciting way to ‘earn while you learn’ and give you a vocational, hands-on training in your chosen career. Did you know that Apprenticeships can form part of, or lead to, Higher Education and a long and successful career earning high wages? One of our Apprentices, Charli Skudder, is proving how fantastic Apprenticeships can be at Old Clee Primary Academy.

Seventeen-year-old Charli, a former pupil at Humberston School, has always known she wants to work with children and when she finished her GCSEs decided to pursue a Level 2 qualification as an Apprentice Teaching Assistant. Charli said: “I prefer hands-on learning and when I left school I applied to the Institute for an Apprenticeship and they said I could either find a place myself or they would find one for me.”

Charli sent her CV to all of the local Primary Schools and impressed Head Teacher of Old Clee Primary Academy, Mr Steve Gallaway, with her initiative and mature manner. Mr Gallaway said: “This is the first time I’d been approached about taking on an Apprentice Teaching Assistant and I thought Charli would make an ideal candidate.

“Charli has thought through very carefully what she wants to do and has a very positive attitude towards making things happen for herself. Charli relates very well to the children and she has fitted in to supporting the classroom very effectively and the Apprenticeship route has been a very good choice for her. I’m very impressed with the scheme and that is partly down to the caliber of the candidate.”

Charli spends her time at the school supporting the teacher and the children in their group and display work. One day each week Charli then attends the Grimsby Institute where she gains theoretical knowledge such as managing the behavior of children.

Charli continued: “I love everything I do. It’s been really, really good so far. With a full-time course you might learn the same things but you don’t necessarily get the same experience.”

Charli is now planning to progress to a Level 3 qualification in September and then hopes to continue her education at University before studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

National Apprenticeships’ Week has been running for eight years and the Grimsby Institute is holding an Open Event on Thursday 12th March from 5pm-7.30pm at the Nuns Corner campus in Grimsby.

Anyone interested in Apprenticeships can come along and have a go for themselves, and try some of the interesting, challenging and exciting activities that our Apprentices find themselves doing every day. Of course Apprenticeships are for everyone.

No matter what your age, an Apprenticeship might be just the training you’re looking for. Just look at last year’s Grimsby Institute Apprentice of the Year, Keith Fenwick. 43-year-old Keith reached a crossroads in his life and decided to apply for an Apprenticeship with IRISNDT UK, specialists in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). Training at the Centre for the Assessment of Technical Competence Humber (CATCH) Facility on an ECITB programme.

Eighteen months later and Keith is on his way to industry success after being named the Hotcourses Apprentice of the Year for 2014. Keith said: “It was just amazing to be nominated for the award. It’s done more for my career than I ever thought possible. I just love doing what I’m doing. I didn’t even know what Phased Array or Ultasonic Testing, both specialist areas in NDT, now to think that I could be doing it for my career is incredible.”

Sarah Heath, Sales Executive at the Grimsby Institute explained why the training route has become increasingly popular in recent years: “Apprenticeships are proving so successful because an Apprentice learns in the environment they want to work in for their chosen career, learning in a practical way.

“We have a wide range of Apprenticeships available; Childcare, Early Years, Health & Social Care, Business Administration, alongside other such as Refrigeration, Engineering, Construction, Customer Service or even Hair & Beauty – we have lots we can offer someone thinking of taking this route.