Animal Care Faculty welcome some new furry pals!

Meerkat, animal care,
Just one of the Meerkats now resident at our Nunsthorpe Campus.

There’s a new addition to the Grimsby Institute’s Animal Care family and they are going down a storm.

Three Meerkats were purchased last month from a private owner in Somerset, the team visited and transported them back to Grimsby where they quickly settled into their new surroundings. Sergio (4 years), Mia (3 years) their daughter Lottie (1 years) are currently in temporary accommodation.

The Meerkats had been used by their former owner for animal encounter experiences so are used to being handled and as a result are very friendly and affectionate.

Meerkats are becoming increasingly popular in both domestic and collection settings such as zoos and wildlife parks, largely because of their growing popularity in the media, not forgetting a very popular advert!

Morag Moore, Animal Care Curriculum Manager, said: “We now feel that as a department we need to be reacting to the changes and demands of the industry and as such, need to prepare our learners for the animals they may come across in the workplace.

“In addition, as a species the Meerkat is quite enchanting, their natural family based hierarchy and their behaviours’ provide opportunity for our learners to undertake research and further develop their understanding of the species so that their needs can be met within the captive environment.”

It is hoped that in the future the Meerkats will continue to grow and the team look forward to arrival of pups.

Morag, continued to say: “In the short time we have had the family they have proved very popular with staff and learners, and the Meerkats enjoy nothing more than a scratch and a cuddle with their fans!”

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