Andrew gets to grips with IT

54-year-old Andrew started his journey into the world of IT last year when he was recently made redundant from his job at a sweet manufacturer. Andrew, who lives in Skegness, attended a Careers Fair at the Embassy Centre and met up with an old friend, Chris Cussons, who now works as a Progression Coach at Lincolnshire Regional College (LRC).

Although Andrew had used a computer at home for many years he still only felt he had a basic knowledge of how to use them. Chris suggested the Start IT course at LRC to help Andrew learn some new IT skills and Andrew has never looked back.

Andrew said: “I realised that nearly every job nowadays requires you to use computers and although I knew that there were programmes that existed I just didn’t know how to use them.  The College is small and there is a real community spirit; the staff and tutors always make sure that everything is fun.”

Andrew has now completed his Start IT qualification, passing all eleven assessments with 100% pass rate, and is now working towards his Level 1 qualification. Andrew continued: “I’ve learnt how to use Word and Excel and how to use spreadsheets. I’ve just enjoyed everything about being at the College.”