Alisha Lewis – from brush strokes to Boxing’s Golden Girl

Head Boxing Academy Coach, Andy Cox, and Golden Girl Champion, Alisha Lewis, pictured with one of her latest artistic creations.

Eighteen-year-old Alisha Lewis isn’t your typical Art Foundation Diploma learner, although she spends her days fine tuning her creative talents she has just returned as a gold medallist from the Golden Girl Boxing Championships in Sweden.

Andy Cox, Head Coach for Grimsby Institute’s Boxing Academy, explained: “The Golden Girl Championships were held in Boras, Sweden, and are for any level female boxer, with fighters being categorised by their experience, age and weight.

“Most of our Boxing Academy members aren’t actually training on a Sport course at the Institute. This means we have to fit their training around their timetable and Alisha has been training in an evening, four time a week, to prepare for the competition.”

Alisha, who hopes to one day work in a museum as an Art Restorer, said: “When I was younger I moved around a lot and I wanted to be able to stand up for myself and I used to like watching boxing on TV. It’s hard to explain how it felt to win, I’ve never been so happy and it’s probably my biggest achievement so far.”

Andy added: “Alisha boxed against a girl from Norway in the Semi Final and then she won against the champion from Switzerland beating her by a stoppage in the second round. You need to be very committed to go into Boxing and Alisha’s dedication has really paid off.

“Winning the gold medal is fantastic thing but it’s not just about her Boxing achievements; it’s about how much she’s changed as a person since she started with us and how much her confidence has grown.”