The Academy Grimsby remembers Armistice Day

Learners from The Academy Grimsby took part in a special assembly to mark Armistice Day, with Reverend Chris Davies, Grimsby Institute Group’s Chaplain, reminding the young people of the importance of honouring those who fought and lost their lives in World War 1.

Armistice Day is held on November 11th every year and marks the day that the armistice was signed signalling the end of the World War 1. During the assembly, Reverend Davies spoke to the Year 10 students about the hard lives that young people faces at the time.

Reverend Davies said: “I didn’t know until I started researching how many soldiers, who were probably about your age, fought in World War 1. There were approximately 250,000, of which half of them were killed, maimed or imprisoned, and probably quite of few those probably came from Grimsby, young men who were on the fishing boats trying to escape that life to fight in the trenches.”

“Of course children, young men and girls are still being called to fight in other countries across the world today. They estimate there are 300,000 child soldiers fighting in wars across the world. As you remember today, perhaps you can particularly think about the young people who are your age who are fighting wars and have fought wars in the past.”