Abbie gets on the fast track to motor vehicle success

Abbie pictured with her Micra and just some of her awards!

Seventeen-year-old Abbie Bryant, a Level 2 Motor Vehicle learner at the Grimsby Institute, is following in the footsteps of her grandfather, father and brother in the world of grass track racing, winning titles in her Blue Micra.

Abbie has won a number of titles over the past few years, including the Champ of Champs at Blyton Park Driving Centre, near Scunthorpe. Abbie said:

“I like seeing other women taking part in the sport and I’d love to think we can take over the sport, there’s a lot more females coming into it now and it’s good to see a mix of genders.

“When I was racing in my Mini I won the Champ of Champs against all the other winners nationally. Last year I came 2nd in the men’s competition against my brother.

“I love getting my hands dirty and working around cars, learning what they’re all about. I’m now moving on to Level 3 and then I hope to get a job as a Motor Mechanic in a garage. I’ve learnt a lot at the Institute and I’d recommend it to anyone.”