Fabrication & Welding introduce Safety Passport Scheme

Learners training for Level 1 qualifications in Fabrication & Welding have been taking advantage of a new scheme designed to give them an insight into the equipment they will be working with throughout their course.

Level 1 Programme Leader for Fabrication & Welding at the Grimsby Institute, Joel Broddle, explained:

“Since the beginning of term we have going through an induction with all of the learners of the equipment we use in the workshops. Once the learners have been fully inducted they get a safety passport card and a certificate. It’s actually really useful for us too because it means that whenever we start a lesson we aren’t having to spend lots of time explaining the equipment.

“Any site you go on in industry will have their own safety passport and this is our link to that. It replicates what they will be doing when they have completed their qualifications and go out into the world of work.”

Level 1 learner, Bethany Hand, 18, who has recently completed the induction and achieved her safety passport, added: “We’ve been shown what to do on all of the equipment, like using the guillotine and the different types of welding, and then we had to fill in a book. It’s important so you don’t hurt yourself or put anyone else at risk.”