Former Grimsby Institute learner crowned British Dog Groomer of the Year 2015

Grimsby Institute’s Animal Care team have once again proved they are a cut above at the British Dog Grooming Championships, organised by the Pet Industry Federation at Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, where they were awarded 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place in their respective categories.

A team of staff, all former Dog Grooming learners; Emma Taylor, Connie Critcher and Amanda McCracken and one current Level 3 Dog Grooming learner, Emma Bull, travelled to Warwickshire with their dogs to compete in this annual national competition, competing against industry experts from the UK and international competitors.

Connie, who was crowned the Young Groomer of the Year in both 2014 & 2015, placed 2nd in the advanced class with Amanda placing 3rd. Emma Bull was placed 2nd in the Hand Stripping competition, which was her first-ever national competition after taking 1st Place at the inter-college Matchfit Competitions earlier this year.

Topping their success however is Emma Taylor, who now works as a Technician in Animal Care and was awarded as the VQ Dog Grooming Learner of the Year in 2012. Emma being placed first in both of her classes to ultimately compete for and win the title of British Dog Groomer of the Year 2015.

26 year old Emma Taylor, who lives in Louth, Lincolnshire, studied Level 1, 2 & 3 Dog Grooming at the Grimsby Institute and is looking forward to a bright future following her ongoing successes. Emma said:

“It is an almighty privilege and accomplishment for any groomer to win this title as it’s one of the things we all work towards. I am still in shock that I won and I have so many people to thank for helping me get to where I am today.

“I have a lot to thank my original Tutors at the Grimsby Institute, Lee Lister and Sarah Lowther, for they gave me the foundations to become the Groomer I am today. I’d also like to mention Amanda McCracken, Owner of Fur Friendly Grooming Parlour in Howdales, near Louth. Amanda has become a great friend and she helps me prepare for all my grooming competitions, even letting me a room at her grooming parlour keeping me my grooming skills up-to-date. I would also like to thank everyone who has supported me over the past few years as without their help and guidance I would never have won.”

Lee Lister, who was originally one of the Tutors who trained Emma and is now the Grimsby Institute’s Associate Principal Commercial Enterprise, said:

“I am bursting with pride for Emma, for a learner to groom in this imposing competition and be placed is outstanding. The Grooming Team at Grimsby Institute are an inspirational team who not only support the learners to achieve excellence in their training and ensure we remain one of the top colleges in the country for Dog Grooming, but they inspire the learners to maximise their potential and bring real industrial relevance to everything we do.

“For Emma to win this title is amazing and if anyone deserves this recognition, it is Emma. She demonstrates that if you work hard and have a positive attitude you can achieve anything.”